Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I know, I know! It has been over a month since I have posted anything. My only excuse is I am the busy mom of 4 children, three of whom are three years old! I intend to use this excuse as long as I can get away with it!

I have finally unpacked the studio! I think I have it set up the way it will stay. My embroidery machine is on one wall, my sewing machine is on another and all my scrapbooking and mixed media are on the third. The fourth wall is a closet with shelving for my fabrics and my art supplies. I found this great pegboard for my walls. It is clear acrylic and works great. You can even get accessories for it and hooks to hold all your art goodies. Check out AzarDisplays.com. If you are short on floor space but have unused wall space this may help! Not too expensive and easy to install!

I have made several goals for myself this year. I rarely keep resolutions so I made goals instead.

1.) loose weight and exercise everyday

2.) read my bible everyday

3.) read more to my kiddies

4.) use my fabric scraps once a week

5.) have a date night with my son once a month (he's 16!)

So far I have done very well. I go to the gym every morning after I drop Ben at school. I have changed my diet to try to be more healthy. We read every day at least once per child (that's three books mind you), and I mostly read my bible everyday. Some days I fall asleep because I am worn out. Did I mention the three 3 year olds? I have also completed three small quilting projects from my scraps. A table runner, a placemat and a baby quilt. Nothing fancy, but they would make great gifts for my specail friends and family. Or they could be used for donations. Who knows. But the point is that I am using them. And Ben and I have a date night this weekend! His choice. I predict buffalo wings in my future! :)

I have also joined a BOM class at my local quilt shop...I found one only 20 minutes away!!!!... and they are doing the Thimbleberries 3's Company. I picked the traditional colorway and so far I like it. This is not something I would have just picked up to do on my own. The pattern is less intimidating this way. I am waiting for my friend Pat's BOM to start! I am really excited for that one.

I hope everyone is doing great! Let me hear from you all! When I figure out how to put photos on this blog I will show you my studio and the the trips in the snow!!!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today is quiet. At least as quiet as it can be with three year triplets. We are all downstairs. I am doing laundry and they are playing in their kitchen. Even Ben is here playing his XBOX. It is a snow day from school. The weatherman said we may get up to 6 inches. I like the snow. I just don't like being homebound. It also may ice up tonight...not good...so I may have to go stay with my friend Laurie if we loose power. She has a wood burning stove. Gotta keep the kiddies warm! And fed!

I am still trying to get the last of the boxes unpacked. I am still trying to get my studio set up but I keep changing my mind. I want to make the most out of the space and maximize my storage. I may have to find a professional organizer to come help me. All I know is I need it done now!!! I am starting to have withdrawl symptoms. I haven't been able to sew or embroider for weeks now and I am starting to feel bummed out! I just have this NEED to be creative. Seems I have always had that. My mom saysit drove her crazy watching me create and then move onto another project when the first may not have been finished. She just doesn't understand the creative block that sometimes happens or the need to move to something else because and idea just came to me and I need to act on it! I think my quilt friends get it. I know my mixed media friends get it!

I may have to put the boy to work. He's already "bored". Let's see if some manual labor will cure that? I love to watch his face when I put him to work! :) I can hear hime now..."That's not what I meant when I said I wanted something to do!" heheheheheee One day he will learn not to tell me he is bored. Then again maybe not. He is a teenage boy. Right now he only has two neurons firing in his brain. One for basic body functions. I don't know what the other one is for?

Hope everyone has a great day. I'll try to stay warm.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, we are in Virginia! We had a good drive up. It was a long 11 hours but the kiddies did great and Ben was a big help. DH had the truck all unloaded and all of the beds put up. Good thing too 'cause I was dead tired!
Most of the house is unpacked! I have been busy! My new sewing room is not! I am still trying to ponder how I want it to be set up! Any ideas or suggestions? I am going to try to recreate Pat's version of a design wall and I do have shelves set up for my fabbies. Other than that I am still thinking. This may take a while I know! :)
I loved/hated reading about Thimbles! I really missed you guys! Sarah, that quilt from the 9-patches was fabulous! I guess I need to check on the kiddies and start getting dinner ready. As soon as I figure out how to post photos on this thing I will show you all my new digs. I miss all my GEORGIA friends! Can't wait for Summer Stitch-In!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It seems that a good part of my married life has been spent packing up the house and moving to a new location. 6 moves in 9 years! I could have sworn I married a computer programmer and not a military man! Well, here I go again!

We are leaving the deep south to head back to Virginia. We had hoped to make the move permanent, but with the housing market such as it is, we can't seem to sell our home there. This makes it difficult to try to keep up two households...so back we go!

Now, I am not wholly displeased in having to return since I really liked living in Linden and the views from my front porch are amazing! It is nice to have seasons. I love the fall! It is nice to get snow--on occasion. We have great friends and neighbors there and a fabulous church family! I just hate PACKING!!!!!!! And of course this means leaving all the new friends we have made here in Georgia. I will really miss my Embroidery Club and the friends I have made there. Most of all, I will miss my Silver Thimble quilting group! I have sooooo much fun with these ladies and I have learned so much from them in the short time I have been in their esteemed company. I am going to miss the new beginnings with this group but I am on a mission to keep up with the projects via UPS and I will be back for the Summer Stitch-In! I wouldn't miss this for the world!

I will keep y'all apprised of my progress on the quilting front and bombard y'all with photos. I may even tell a story or two about my crazy life with my zoo!

So, for all the people in Georgia that I am going to miss...see you later. For all the people in Virginia that I have missed...be at my house on the 10th of January to help me unpack! The drinks are on me!!